Sexual Health

Routine STD Test is Necessary For Sexual Health

Safe sex and regular STD test can be adopted as effective preventive measures against STD infection. Not all sexually transmitted diseases exhibit symptoms. There are diseases that do not show any symptoms at all. It can take months or years before symptoms may start to show. Unfortunately, the disease may already have created huge damage on your body.

Get Yourself Tested

This is why it is very important that you get yourself tested regularly especially if you are sexually active and have multiple partners. It is also a good idea to get oneself tested if you are thinking of entering into a new relationship. This is a good way to ensure sexual health.

Testing for sexually transmitted disease is available everywhere. You can even find them online. In truth, the correct term today is sexually transmissible infections or STI, but people are still using the term STD. STI or STD test is a procedure that is used in order to determine the presence of sexually transmitted bacteria or virus in the body.

No test is 100% accurate, but it is advisable that you get yourself tested for various diseases especially if you live a risky lifestyle. There are asymptomatic diseases; although eventually, symptoms may gradually appear. You need to get yourself tested in order to know if you are infected with any of these diseases.

Different Kinds of Procedures for Different Diseases

There are actually different kinds of STD tests for different procedures. For instance, gonorrhea and chlamydia testing can be done through a urine test or swabbing. Fluid sample is taken from the inside of a man’s penis or a woman’s cervix and this sample is tested for the presence of bacteria. This can be a bit painful, but this only last a few seconds.

Syphilis test, on the other hand, does not use urine. It can be performed using blood sample. Swabbing of the genital pores can also be done and the swab sample may be tested for the disease. When the infection is at the late stage, a cerebrospinal fluid test may be performed.

HIV test is performed through blood test, commonly known as ELISA test. A positive result will give way to a second test, the Western Blot. The test confirms conclusively if someone is infected with HIV. This test rules out other potential causes of a positive ELISA test.

Again, different tests are performed for different diseases. It is important that you undergo routine testing in order to protect yourself against infections. It is an alarming fact that infections are the result of ignorance and carelessness. You can protect yourself and your partner from these diseases with regular STD test procedures.

Getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases can be very embarrassing for most people. There is a way to avoid this humiliating experience. You can book your STD test online [] and visit the nearest clinic near you for testing. You can receive your results online. You can also get professional counseling from their staffed sexual healthcare provider. Get tested now!