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Our AV meeting room help organizations of all size improve their capability to communicate, share concepts and discuss topics of value. We provide and support all the innovative tools of business communication, while consciously eliminating all the interruptions advanced technology frequently presents.

With sophisticated but streamlined features such as control panels with one-touch operation, we have actually eliminated the requirement for technical know-how and substantial training to utilize the systems we provide. This suggests your personnel can immediately benefit from sophisticated audio visual presentation systems, without previous user experience or extensive training common in our industry.

Our sophisticated, but simple to use AV systems are a fantastic option for companies searching for contemporary conferencing abilities. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and find out how your business can right away take advantage of the tailor made AV meeting room we offer.
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Audio Visual Integration with Your Boardroom.
The Boardroom is the essential environment in corporate industry and getting a great conference room solution is essential to making it work effectively.

Video Conferencing & Leasing Solutions
Video conferencing is changing the method people work, and supplies access to individuals & locations that were never ever before possible. Forget about the technology, it’s about communication that’s spontaneous and immediate. Let Solutions guide you!

Transform Your Service Environment
The Conference room is the crucial environment in corporate market and getting a great boardroom service is crucial to making it work efficiently. Integrated Audio and Video Conferencing will supply a.
Control all of the electronic equipment in your conference room, and more from an intuitive touch panel. This gets rid of the need for you or your clients and personnel to familiarise themselves with complex equipment and manuals, just choose a job and press a button.
This instinctive control is now offered on iPads, in addition to many other mobile phones.
Having good quality audio and video is necessary in the modern-day conference room where presentations and video conferencing form an important part of the way you interact.
Solutions draws from a wide range of items to ensure that we can use the best audio visual service for your requirements.


Solutions is a nationwide visual communications professional who sets the requirement for video conferencing solutions, represented, audio visual integration and collaboration AND visualization solutions. Together with our customers, we produce vibrant, collective and linked methods of working to better company efficiency objectives and growth.


With our Managed Solutions offerings, we can offer you with onsite dedicated full-time support to supervise and handle your completely integrated cooperation system. We likewise have the technology and manpower to handle your system offsite, from keeping track of power usage, lighting, space scheduling, difficulty shooting and far more.


Audio Visual Technology in education is something that is accepted in all our classrooms because the benefits are evident. The first benefit is that education becomes even more stimulating and interactive which motivates learning. The second benefit is that by exposing students to innovation at a young age will help them acquire important abilities that they will utilize in the future in life.


Solutions can offer you with an end to end digital signage option, from content management and hardware, to installation and material. We source the right display screen and integrate it with the appropriate software application and media players to provide an options that fulfills your requirements. Check out the top visual solutions offered in Johannesburg.

Solutions was founded in 2006 by a group of electrical engineers that wanted to change the interactions industry by enhancing service shipment to our consumers through offering competence that are based on taking a skilled and knowledgeable approached to both the system design and the setup of audio visual services. Where as most business are concentrated on retail and just moving boxes, we enjoy the simplicity that technology can give ones service, and we want to see our consumers have the very same pleasure.

Solutions is genuinely a South African company, and is devoted to offering our customers with high quality, trusted, cost effective and easy to use audio visual options for their technology requires.

AV Solutions provides expert assessment, application particular products and custom-made installation for your innovation needs. We have committed installers for each of these items that are trained and certified by the providers we use. All are designed, provided, set up and kept by us.

Video conferencing (VC) and unified interactions (UC) assists in face-to-face cooperation amongst companies found in different cities or nations. The application of video conferencing solutions will decrease company associated travel expense, as well as reduce the time wastage associated with organisation travel.

AVT Solutions prides itself in being among the very best video conferencing integration business in South Africa. We have offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth and can assist you in picking the best system for your video conference requirements.

Assessment, Style and Installation of turnkey video conference equipment services, such as HD and telepresence systems. Funding and long-lasting rental of Video Conferencing Systems. Software (Desktop) and cloud based video conference options. Conference Spaces Equipment maintenance and assistance (RUN-DOWN NEIGHBORHOOD).
Mobile VC Solutions.

The capability to use a mobile phone to video conference means that remote teams, or executives on the move can still participate in the conference. Gadgets with an integrated in cam, such as an iPad, are incredibly popular.
Video Conferencing with Software application.

There are many platforms offered, each with their own attributes. Although they can not change the experience of a hardware system, software application is most often utilized either to conserve expense or to enable desktops and laptops together with webcam to participate in a video conference. We deal with many different suppliers to discover the very best option for you.

Video Conferencing with Hardware (Legacy).
HD video conferencing systems are aimed at businesses who need the best image and sound quality experience. HD Video makes it possible for facial expressions, body language and gestures to go beyond location. Find conference room audit visual equipment for sale in Johannesburg.

Represented systems are developed for business and organisations that demand the best efficiency, and need a cutting edge facility in which to provide interactions, either internally or externally with their clients and suppliers.

Represented systems usually consist of numerous screens; often three for the ‘far end’ views and one for ‘material’ that is included in the ‘conference’. Represented provides life-like realism and use the most engaging case to avoid taking a trip and hence all of its associated expenses, problems and environmental ramifications.