Yeast Infections


In today’s world, we are constantly faced with information about infectious diseases, infection control, and disease prevention. Let’s look at the four of the most common infectious diseases in North America.

Chicken Pox (Varicella Zoster Virus).

This disease can be transmitted via direct contact with an infected person. Common infectious disease prevention techniques are extremely effective in the prevention of Chicken Pox, and a vaccine is available which can help to prevent infection.

Strep Throat (Streptococcal Pharyngitis).

Strep Throat is a particularly common infectious disease which is indicative of swollen tonsils, Difficulty swallowing, Malaise, general discomfort, feeling ill, Fever, Fever Headache, Chills, Ear pain Hives, Bumps, bruises, inflammation, or swelling on the side of the neck. Infection occurs by direct contact with an infected person. Common prevention techniques are used to a point, but the best prevention is to avoid all contact with the infected person until the fever period has ended.


Hepatitis is one of the most common infectious diseases in North America. Hepatitis A is also the main cause of liver disease worldwide, with Hepatitis C following closely behind. Prevention via common infectious diseases management techniques is highly effective.


Pneumonia is a disease that can affect either one or both of the lungs of a person. Some of the more common causes of this condition include breathing in of bacteria, fungi or a virus. When a person has pneumonia, several symptoms are related to a person who has this type of infectious disease. Usually, children will not get infectious diseases at home for there are protected. Where do children get the infectious diseases from if it is not possible to get the infectious disease at home? Where do children get infectious diseases? Well, the infectious diseases are spread places like in the Day Cares, Child Cares, Kindergartens, enclosed Playgrounds or other facilities when there are a large number of children gather together for a period of time come in close contact. Some of these infectious diseases can be prevented.

Children Practice Good Hygiene The best way to prevent these infectious diseases for transmission is to educate your child to wash their hands well. They may or may not be sick, but they might just be a carrier of the diseases. Sadly enough that most children are not conscious of their hygiene as the majority of children are not taught of practicing good hygiene at home. How to make an impact on children Practicing Good Hygiene? Make it as routine, help and encourage your child practice good hygiene habits. Start now and set a good example for your children in practicing good hygiene.

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